What are the Main Types of Periodontal Surgery?

If you are experiencing an issue with gum disease or receding gums, you might need a periodontist. These experts provide care for your gums and can help you improve your smile and the health of your teeth. It is essential to find an expert in the field so they can give you insight into any periodontal care that you might need, including the possibility of periodontal surgery.

Gingival Flap Surgery

The most common type of periodontal surgery tends to be gingival flap surgery. This procedure lifts the gums and creates a more aesthetically pleasing smile. When most people think about gum procedures, this is the one that they are most likely to imagine. This type of procedure can be one of two: a gingivoplasty or gingivectomy. The first of these is used to remove diseased tissue from the gum line, while the second is focused on redefining the gum line by removing both diseased and non-diseased tissue. Either of these procedures will require some periodontal maintenance to ensure that your gums stay healthy and beautiful after the process is completed.

Osseous Surgery

Sometimes your gum doctor will need to do more to correct your smile than simply managing your gums themselves. In osseous surgery, your periodontist will correct your gum line by reshaping your gums and bones, so their contours match. This is used to help remove periodontal disease and prevent its recurrence in the future. Some osseous surgeries require the removal of some bone, while others only require reshaping the existing bone. In some cases, you might need dental implants your periodontist can provide.

Mucogingival Surgery

When you have advanced periodontal disease, you may have to have mucogingival surgery to help repair the damage. This periodontal therapy can help you manage your gum disease better and have a healthy smile. This surgery can also be used for people with dentures to create more space in the oral vestibule. With this procedure, you and your periodontist can work together to create a healthy smile that you love.

If you are experiencing difficulties with your gums, you must talk to your dentist. They can get you in touch with a periodontist who can provide a periodontal cleaning and assess you for any further need for surgery or another procedure. With the help of your dentist and periodontist, you can ensure that your oral health is taken care of so you can share your smile with everyone you meet.

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