Most people know that they should go to the dentist regularly and can recognize the warning signs that they might need an additional trip to their dentist’s office. But periodontal care can be a little bit more confusing since many people are not aware of when or why they might want to see a periodontist. Here are a few essential things you should keep in mind if you need to go in for periodontal cleaning.


Red or Swollen Gums

Since periodontal care is all about the health of your gums, it is important to notice if you experience a change in your gums, like redness or swelling. These symptoms are both signs of potential periodontal disease that would need immediate care. When experiencing signs like redness or swelling, it can be a good idea to visit a periodontist for periodontal maintenance.


Persistent Bad Breath

Bad breath can be another sign of gum disease, especially if it does not seem related to eating particular foods. Sometimes you may have bad breath because of the food you eat or other short-term issues. But if your breath is consistently bad, you should contact a gum doctor to get some help.


Tender or Bleeding Gums

Things like brushing your teeth too hard or flossing after a long period without flossing can lead to bleeding around your gum line. It can also signify periodontal disease if your gums are tender or bleed regularly. But if your gums feel sore and bleed frequently, it is a pretty significant sign that you need help from periodontal therapy to address potential gum disease and other issues with your gums.


Painful Chewing

When you experience pain while chewing, it is a sure sign that something is not quite right with your mouth. In some cases, this can be a purely dental issue, but other times it can be because of a problem with your gums. Laser periodontal therapy can help correct the problem and make your gums feel excellent and healthy once again.


Loose Teeth

One of the most important roles of your gums is to keep your teeth secure in your mouth. If you notice that some of your teeth feel loose, it can indicate that your gums are unhealthy. In these cases, you can discuss your options, including periodontal services, with a periodontist. Sometimes, your periodontist may suggest dental implants to help you resolve your gum issues and get your smile back to where you need it to be.


Visiting a periodontist can be a vital part of your oral health care, especially if you are dealing with gum issues. Any of the above signs and symptoms indicate that you must meet with a periodontist to discuss periodontics and dental implants. Don’t be afraid to seek help if you experience a change in your gum health and have concerns you want to share with a periodontal doctor.

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