Why are Temporary Veneers Important?

There are a lot of aspects of dental health to stay on top of. From teeth whitening to enamel health, there are a lot of options to maintain a beautiful and healthy smile. One great way to get a gorgeous smile is with a dental veneer. If you are new to temporary veneers, you likely have a lot of questions, but this article is here to help answer them.

What Are Temporary Veneers?

A veneer is a dental tool. A cast of the mouth is used to make a veneer which is placed on top of your teeth, giving the appearance of a beautiful, healthy smile. Most veneers are made of porcelain, but other materials are available, too. Veneers can be a wonderful option for many patients.

Once a permanent veneer is cemented in place, it will stay there forever. That fact can be scary to some patients because you don’t get the chance to see what you look like with your veneer before it is on for good.

This is where temporary veneers come in handy. Your dentist can make a temporary veneer that will fit in your mouth and show you a preview of what a permanent veneer will look like.

Why are Temporary Veneers Important?

A temporary veneer gives you the chance to test out a permanent veneer, ensuring that it looks good and doesn’t cause speech issues or discomfort. Once the permanent veneer is cemented, it can last from five years up to two decades, and adjusting a veneer after it has been cemented is difficult, if not impossible. This is why making adjustments on a temporary veneer is absolutely critical for your dental health. Experimenting with temporary veneers before getting permanent veneers can save you from regret and discomfort down the line.

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