How Strong are Crowns on Front Teeth?

Modern dental crowns are excellent ways to protect your teeth or even customize them. A crown is a small cover placed over damaged teeth or teeth that might have something visually wrong. They offer protection from further damage and can look so real that it will not be long before you forget it is even there. When getting a crown, the dentist will take a mold of the tooth in question and set it in a temporary crown. When the permanent crown has been created, often after a few weeks, the temporary one will be replaced with the permanent crown.

Why Would You Need a Crown on a Front Tooth?

There are a few reasons one might need a crown, but the more common ones have more to do with protecting a compromised tooth. Fortunately, a dental crown is helpful at any stage of a damaged tooth. They can prevent further cracking or irritating movement on a tooth, put on an already broken tooth to repair it, and be used as part of implant surgery. A dental crown can also be used to improve the visual nature of a tooth. A white tooth crown is made to match the color of your other teeth but cannot be altered. They can be placed over a stained or yellowed tooth, keeping your mouth looking healthy and happy. This will also be the case for any crown placed in the front of your mouth, whether to conceal a discolored tooth or protect a broken one.

How Durable are Front Tooth Crowns?

The two significant types of dental crowns are porcelain and stainless steel. Porcelain is white by nature and more pleasing to look at when mixing it with teeth and is often used for front tooth crowns. They blend right in with your other teeth, and since the front teeth are not used a lot, their weaker durability is not a hindrance. Whereas stainless steel has much greater durability, capable of lasting decades under the proper care, but is less attractive in a mouth, they are suitable for being placed in the back of the mouth. The back teeth are heavily used and rarely seen, leaving them excellent contenders for stainless steel crowns. However, it is worth noting that either option can be used for either end of the mouth. While uncommon, it is not impossible to find the front of tooth crowns made of stainless steel for those who want extra protection.

How to Protect Front Tooth Crowns

Taking care of and protecting a crown is as easy as you would with any of your teeth. Brushing and flossing, once when you wake up and once when you go to bed, will keep your crowns in good shape for years to come and ensure they reach their whole lifecycle.


Getting a dental crown is easy and effective. If you or anybody you know is looking to get a crown, head over to Sierra Dental Practice. We will take care of your every need and ensure you leave with a mouth full of fantastic-looking and feeling teeth.

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